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Who We Are

This section highlights our role as a regulator and how we approach protection of the public through nursing regulation. You will learn more about what guides and underpins our governance and operational work and what stakeholders can expect when engaging with us:


This section highlights our Board, their approach to governance and the work they do in setting policy directions impacting the programs and services we offer. You will learn more about the Board’s approaches to decision-making, outcomes of Board meetings and upcoming meetings that all stakeholders are welcome to attend:

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This section introduces you to members of team from a variety of backgrounds, who share a common goal of protecting the public through the regulation of LPNs, RNs and NPs, and upholding our commitments our stakeholders. Interested in becoming a member of our team? Watch for career opportunities here:

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Get Involved

This section highlights the many ways to get involved in our work based on your interests, time commitment and skillset. If you want to assume a leadership role, we suggest viewing our volunteer opportunities. If you want a smaller time commitment, we suggest visiting our Public Consultation Forum or upcoming education and events: 

News and Media

This section includes information about our day-to-day activities. Follow along in our work through our news update, digital newsletters, social media and annual reports:  

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