Board Election

The 2021 NSCN Board election closed on May 10 and the election results are in!

The NSCN Board is pleased to share that 978 registrants voted in the election for the 1 LPN and 2 RNs and/or NPs nominees.

After careful review, the Chief Elections Officer has verified the election results and that the following three nominees have won the election:

  • Claudia Hynes, LPN 
    Claudia is an LPN at the IWK Health Centre and has vast experience working on a range of health system committees and other organizations that demonstrates her passion for working collaboratively to build safer health care with the best possible health outcomes for patients.
  • Rachel Sullivan, RN 
    Rachel, an RN, is a Health Services Manager at Nova Scotia Health and has a track record of successful collaboration with others leading to quality improvement initiatives and changes that improve patient care.
  • Krista Smith, RN 
    Krista, an RN, is Director of Integrated Health – Eastern Zone Critical Care and Respiratory and Acute Medicine at Nova Scotia Health. Krista believes in the value of strong communication skills, challenging self-awareness and working with others to positively impact change and progress.

For full election results, please see details here.

The sitting NSCN Board would like to thank all registrants who participated in the first NSCN Board nominations and elections process. The support and response received from nurses across the province has been inspiring. It is yet another example of how nurses continue to demonstrate their commitment to nursing regulation and the provision of safe, competent, ethical and compassionate nursing care in Nova Scotia.

In addition, the NSCN Board is pleased to share that Jason Reeves, LPN, and Anne-Marie Delorey, public representative, will assume the role of Board Chair and Vice-Chair beginning June 1, 2021. In accordance with the NSCN By-Laws, the current Board selects the Chair and Vice-Chair positions for the two year terms beginning June 1st.

Thank you to outgoing Board members Charmaine McPherson, Sheri Price, and Shaunna Snow for their commitment and leadership to the Board and the public we serve. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to Peter Murray, NSCN Project Manager, at