Board Election

The 2022 NSCN Board election closed on May 9 and the election results are in! 

The NSCN Board is pleased to share that 1,135 registrants voted in the election for the two registrant nominees best suited to serve on the Board. 
After careful review, the Chief Elections Officer has verified the election results and that the following two registrant nominees have won the election: 

Parteek Brar, RN, received 763 votes 

Parteek Brar is an RN working for Nova Scotia Health at the Cape Breton Regional Hospital Emergency Department in Sydney. New to the profession, he believes he can bring a fresh and diverse perspective to the NSCN Board, along with his significant governance experience as a member with Cape Breton University Board of Governors and Senate, and the East Cape Breton Community Health Board.

Ashley Clements, RN, received 757 votes

Ashley Clements is an RN for Nova Scotia Health, Public Health in Dartmouth. Ashley has been nursing for 16 years and for three years sat on the board of a local daycare. Ashley loves to educate and share the joy of nursing, and wishes to bring her diverse set of knowledge and leadership to the NSCN Board.

For full election results, please visit our website for details.

The sitting NSCN Board would like to thank all registrants who participated in the NSCN Board nominations and elections process. The support and response received from nurses across the province has been inspiring. It is yet another example of how nurses continue to demonstrate their commitment to nursing regulation and the provision of safe, competent, ethical and compassionate nursing care in Nova Scotia. 

Jason Reeves, LPN, and Anne-Marie DeLorey, public representative, will continue their roles of Board Chair and Vice-Chair in accordance with the NSCN By-Laws, where they were selected by the Board to serve for two-year terms beginning on June 1, 2021. Thank you to outgoing registrant Board members, Chanda MacDonald and Theresa MacDonald, for their commitment and leadership to the Board and public we serve.   

If you have any questions, please reach out to contact Shelly Spears, Customer Experience Coordinator, at