Governance Principles

The NSCN Board is our governing body. It is their role to make sure we conduct our work well. The individuals who sit on the NSCN Board set our strategic direction, they hold our CEO accountable and they ensure that we satisfy our duty to protect the public by overseeing nursing practice. 

What guides the Board?

The NSCN Board uses a policy governance approach that sets the roles and responsibilities for the Board and our staff. This approach gives the Board a framework they can use to monitor and evaluate the performance of NSCN and identify measures of success. Policy governance allows the Board to enhance its accountabilities to our stakeholders. It also ensures that we are meeting our mandate to protect the public by overseeing the practice of nursing in Nova Scotia.

The Board uses the policy governance framework to satisfy six key roles:

  1. Setting strategic directions
  2. Managing the CEO
  3. Monitoring performance
  4. Risk oversight
  5. How the board functions amongst themselves and with staff
  6. Engagement with and accountability to the public

NSCN Board Policies

The following document sets out the specific Board policies established when the Nova Scotia College of Nursing was first proclaimed on June 5th, 2019.

View our Board Policies