Other Policies

Refund Policy

The licence fee for the upcoming licence year will be refunded only if the request is made prior to the start of the new licensure year (November 1st).

Please allow at least 15 business days from the date you make your request for us to process the refund. Typically, your refund will be processed in the same form of payment originally used for your purchase, however, in some cases, your refund may be processed in the form of a cheque. 

Customer Service Feedback at NSCN

NSCN strives to meet the needs of all stakeholders.  We are committed to excellence in regulation and being accountable and relational to all stakeholders including the public and our registrants. Our ultimate goal is to meet and surpass stakeholder expectations. Learn more about our customer service commitment.

All comments about our services are welcome.  We appreciate all feedback because it improves our service.

We will respond to you within two business days.

You may use the form below or provide a written response outlining your customer service experience. The form or response may be submitted in-person or by mail, fax or email. Email: Customer.Experience@nscn.ca.


Contact Information

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Public Consultation Posting Guidelines

All feedback provided as part of our consultation work is confidential and public consultation results, when applicable, are reported collectively as a summary of information. Participant names, when provided, are not associated with specific feedback. NSCN does not review specific feedback for accuracy before posting and all comments posted are the opinion of the writer. 

NSCN reserves the right to refuse to post feedback and/or remove feedback, in whole or in part, that is: 

  • unrelated to the public consultation matter
  • contains personal identifiers or information that may impact a third party
  • is unmannerly and otherwise inappropriate  

Feedback that stakeholders take the time to share with NSCN staff is carefully considered, even that which may not be reflected in the final outcome.