Customer Service Commitment

Customer Service Commitment

At NSCN, we take our vision of regulatory excellence to heart. We believe that providing our stakeholders with exceptional customer service enhances the work we do together to deliver on our mandate of protecting the public. When you engage with NSCN and members of our team, you can expect that we will:

  • Be knowledgeable, fair, respectful and unbiased
  • Strive to continuously identify and pursue ways to deliver our programs and services
  • Respond to your inquiries according to our established standards
  • Learn from the feedback you share with us to enhance the work we do

These principles are upheld and demonstrated by our CEO and every member of our team.


Customer Service Improvements

As an organization that is committed to excellence for all, we are dedicated to providing you with service excellence. You can help us achieve this by sharing any comments and suggestions you have with us about the delivery of our services.  

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