Purpose, Mission, Vision & Values

What we do

The public trusts that nurses practice with public interest as their priority and it is the role of NSCN to ensure that practice in the public interest is maintained. As the regulatory body, we issue licenses to qualified LPNs, RNs and NPs practicing in Nova Scotia, set the nursing practice standards, approve nursing education programs, enhance the continuing competence of nurses, and address complaints received about nursing practice. We are the safeguard that ensures the public that all nurses in Nova Scotia have the education and skills they need to care for people safely, competently, ethically and compassionately. 


We lead to inspire excellence to uphold public confidence.


To be the leader in regulatory excellence.


We protect the public of Nova Scotia through regulating nursing services. Here are some of the ways we do our work:

  • We set practice standards;
  • We register and license those qualified to practice nursing; 
  • We approve nursing education programs;
  • We intervene to preserve safe practice;
  • We govern and operate with the highest integrity.



  • We are courageous and committed to making evidence-informed decisions.
  • We are accountable and responsible for the decisions we make.


  • We engage in a participatory, collaborative and respectful way.
  • We disseminate clear, relevant and useful information and guidelines.


  • We will be truthful, honest and engage in respectful dialogue.
  • We perform all activities in a fair and consistent way, precluding bias against anyone.


  • We will anticipate and respond with an open mind.
  • We foster a mindset of collaboration, openness, and innovation.


  • We are committed to cultivating and sustaining relationships by being respectful, inclusive, genuine and consistent.
  • We will behave in a manner that encompasses diversity and reflects professionalism.