Board Members

Charmaine McPherson

Charmaine McPherson - Board Chair, Registrant 

Charmaine McPherson, RN, PhD, a resident of Bedford, Nova Scotia, has been a registered nurse for 31 years. A Clinical Nurse Specialist in Psychiatric-Community Mental Health nursing, Charmaine has experience practicing in hospital and community health, provincial government, academia and private sector settings. Previously a nursing professor at St. Francis Xavier University, Charmaine had the pleasure of preparing the next generation of nurses with the building blocks of nursing knowledge required of our self-regulated profession. Playing a vital role in the creation of NSCN, Charmaine believes that the formation of one nursing regulator was crucial in fulfilling our nursing regulatory commitment to protect the public and that NSCN is reflective of the intraprofessional collaboration that nurses strive to achieve each day across diverse practice settings. Before becoming the first Chair of the NSCN Board, Charmaine most recently served as the President of the CRNNS Council. 

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Jason Reeves

Jason Reeves - Board Vice-Chair, Registrant

Jason Reeves of Kentville, Nova Scotia, has been a licensed practical nurse for over 20 years and currently works with the Nova Scotia Health Authority at Valley Regional Hospital in the role of Orthopedic Technologist. A graduate of the Nova Scotia Community College, Jason has worked in a wide array of acute and community nursing settings including public health, mental health, medical, surgical, emergency and as an educator. Jason first became involved with nursing regulation as a member of the CLPNNS Complaints Committee before becoming a Board director as both Vice-Chair and Chair where he was instrumental in the creation of one nursing regulator. As the current Vice Chair of the NSCN Board of Directors, Jason hopes that his energetic passion for nursing regulation will influence the organizational journey in nursing excellence.

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Anne-Marie Delorey

Anne-Marie Delorey - Public Representative

Anne-Marie DeLorey is a semi-retired human rights, labour and governance lawyer. Throughout her career, Anne-Marie has advised on international projects in governance, human rights, gender and democracy-building in many places, including Tunisia, Kenya, Uganda, the Philippines and more. She served as an advocate with the Ontario Nurses Association for 10 years, is a founding member of the British Columbia Health Coalition and has worked on policy and campaign development with community health workers in Canada and abroad. Anne-Marie also brings a small-town perspective to the NSCN Board, living in Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia, with her wife of 30 years.

Betty Thomas

Betty Thomas - Public Representative

Betty Thomas is the consummate volunteer with experience on municipal, provincial and federal boards where she is committed to the goal of making our society a better place for all Nova Scotians. Betty has demonstrated her commitment to the community as the Board of Directors President on the Legal Information Society of Nova Scotia, Library Boards Association of Nova Scotia, Black Cultural Society, and the East Preston Lioness Club. She was also Chair of the Community and Race Relations Committee for HRM and President of the Telephone Employees Union. Betty received a “Notice of Motion Resolution” by Honourable Leo Glavine in the Nova Scotia Legislature for her exemplary volunteer service in April 2018. Before her current role on the NSCN Board, Betty was a member of the CLPNNS Board for three years. 

Chanda MacDonald

Chanda MacDonald - Registrant 

Chanda MacDonald, a graduate of the St. Francis Xavier University nursing program, has been a registered nurse for 19 years with a successful background in critical care. Currently a Clinical Educator with the Nova Scotia Health Authority in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, Chanda demonstrates the values of integrity, compassion and reverence as a registered nurse and is committed to ensuring the best quality of care is delivered to the public. She has dedicated much of her career to the support of new nursing graduates as they enter the nursing profession and brings her experience in policy development for quality practice competencies to her role on the Board. Proud to be part of the NSCN Board, Chanda spent two years a member of the CRNNS Council and is dedicated to the integrity and professionalism of the NSCN Board.  

Michael Gillis

Michael Gillis - Public Representative

Michael Gillis of Baddeck, Nova Scotia, has a professional background as a Registered Professional Forester and a strong family connection to the profession of nursing having had both an LPN and RN in his household. Michael brings a unique perspective to nursing regulation as a family member who has seen the personal side of nursing at home. Michael comes to the Board with a wealth of board knowledge having held positions on the Nova Scotia Primary Forest Products Marketing Board, the Nova Scotia Federation of Woodland Owners and currently as a member of the Cape Breton Privateland Partnership. Before becoming a NSCN Board member, Michael was a member of the CRNNS Council for the past five years.

Paulette Anderson

Paulette Anderson - Public Representative

Paulette Anderson of Plymouth, Nova Scotia, has extensive board experience and currently serves on the Nova Scotia Law Foundation Board, Midwifery Regulated Council, the Review Board of the Involuntary Psychiatric Treatment Act, and as Chair of the Complaints Review Committee of the Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society. Through her 16 years of board experience, Paulette understands the importance, expectations and commitment required of the public representative – a key role in protecting the public we serve. Paulette brings a rural perspective to the NSCN Board and is dedicated to ensuring self-regulated professionals succeed for the benefit of all Nova Scotians. Before becoming an NSCN Board member, Paulette was a member of the CRNNS Council and served on the CRNNS Complaints, Professional Hearing and Fitness to Practice Committees.

Shaunna Snow

Shaunna Snow - Registrant 

Shaunna Snow has been a licensed practical nurse for 37 years and currently fills the role of Policy Lead with the Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA) in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia. Shaunna was instrumental in the creation of evidence-based policies that supported and guided NSHA employees to provide safe, competent, ethical and compassionate nursing care to the people they serve. A lifelong learner, Shaunna has BA, BBA and MBA all from Cape Breton University in addition to a Certificate in Human Resource Management from Algonquin College. Before becoming an NSCN Board member, Shaunna served on the Board of the College of Licensed Practical Nurses for four years, most recently in 2018. 

Sheri Lynn Price

Sheri Lynn Price - Registrant

Dr. Sheri Lynn Price, Associate Professor with the Dalhousie University School of Nursing in Halifax, Nova Scotia, has been a registered nurse, a researcher and educator with over 20 years of experience in community and tertiary care and nursing education. Dr. Price’s program of research is related to health services, nursing work environments and interprofessional collaboration. Before becoming an NSCN Board member, Dr. Price was the past President and Chair of several boards and committees related to the scientific and healthcare community, and served on the Council of the College of Registered Nurses of Nova Scotia since 2014. 

Susan Nasser

Susan Nasser - Public Representative

Susan Nasser, MSW, MPH, Halifax, is a retired social worker with a solid foundation in health profession regulation. Susan served on the Board of Examiners, the Regulatory arm of the Nova Scotia Association of Social Workers (now the N.S. College of Social Workers), for four years, and subsequently was the Association’s Executive Director. Although much of her career unfolded in the not-for-profit sector, she also spent time at Dalhousie, first coordinating off-site BSW and MSW programs in Cape Breton, then working on several interprofessional initiatives in the Faculties of Dentistry, Health and Medicine. Susan has kept busy in her retirement, volunteering on Boards and advisory groups, daily swims and learning how to ride a horse. Susan served as a public representative on the CLPNNS Board for three years before her current role on the NSCN Board.  

Theresa MacDonald

Theresa MacDonald - Registrant 

Theresa MacDonald has been a frontline licensed practical nurse for over 20 years. She is currently practicing in the acute care sector of the Nova Scotia Health Authority surgical inpatient unit at the Aberdeen Hospital. She has previous experience with long term care as well as home care. A member of the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Nova Scotia since 2017, Theresa has also been a valuable member on several Board Committees. She takes pride in her daily work as a nurse to ensure that the safety of patients is always maintained as the top priority. As a Board member, Theresa is also committed to educating all stakeholders, including the public and nurses about the role of NSCN and the mandate it is built upon. Before her current position on the NSCN Board, Theresa spent over two years as a CLPNNS Board member.