Board Members

Parteek Brar

Parteek (Gunny) Brar - Board Chair, Registrant

Parteek (Gunny) Brar is an RN working for Nova Scotia Health at the Cape Breton Regional Hospital Emergency Department in Sydney. New to the profession, Parteek brings a fresh and diverse perspective to the NSCN Board, along with his significant governance experience. Parteek has held leadership roles as the President of the Cape Breton University Students’ Union and was a member of the Senate and the Board of Governors at Cape Breton University. In these roles, Parteek demonstrated his skill and capacity to foster collaborative relationships with each organization’s respective community of stakeholders. He is also skilled at implementing successful strategies that mentor and coach new board members. Parteek also supports and prioritizes the creation of diverse, inclusive and equitable environments as a nurse and as a board member.


Krista Smith 

Krista Smith - Board Vice-Chair, Registrant 

Krista Smith, an RN, is the Director of Integrated Health – Eastern Zone Critical Care and Respiratory and Acute Medicine for Nova Scotia Health at the Cape Breton Regional Hospital. Krista comes to the Board with a range of experience working with health organizations, including the Cape Breton Down Syndrome Society, Canadian Association of Nephrology Nurses and Technologists, Canadian College of Health Leaders and more. In these roles, Krista has demonstrated her strong leadership and communication skills and collaborated with others to positively impact change and progress. Krista seeks opportunities for professional and personal growth and believes evaluation is an important part of work. She works continuously to challenge her self-awareness to bring her best self to the nursing profession and patients.

Alana Baxter

Alana Baxter – Public Representative

Alana Baxter of Halifax, Nova Scotia, brings her diverse career and expertise as a civil servant to the NSCN Board. Alana has significant experience working with legislative, regulatory and policy frameworks, as well as experience working with diverse populations. During her career, Alana worked closely with nurses during her employment as a Settlement Program Officer for the NS Office of Immigration and as the Funding Agreement Manager for the Pathway to Success for Internationally Educated Nurses. As the Labour Mobility Coordinator with the NS Department of Labour and Advanced Education, she worked with domestic and international regulated professionals and regulatory bodies to support fair registration practices, including the development of pathways to licensure for international applicants in several professions. Alana also has significant Board experience, currently volunteering as a public representative of the NS College of Counselling Therapists Board of Directors and member at large of the Halifax Regional Municipality Grants Committee.

Ashley Clements

Ashley Clements - Registrant 

Ashley Clements is an RN for Nova Scotia Health, Public Health in Dartmouth. Ashley has been nursing for 16 years and brings her diverse set of knowledge and leadership to the NSCN Board. Ashley loves to share the joy of nursing and has been an educator and mentor to her nursing colleagues for the past 10 years. For three years, Ashley also sat on the board of a local daycare where she worked closely with key stakeholders and partners to develop collaborative relationships. Ashley believes in fostering a workplace of inclusion of all backgrounds to promote health equity for the public. She also strives to enhance positive outcomes for the public by displaying strong leadership and sound knowledge of population health, social determinants of health and current nursing trends.

Claudia Hynes

Claudia Hynes - Registrant 

Claudia Hynes is an LPN at the IWK Health Centre in Halifax. Claudia brings her vast experience working on a range of health system committees and other organizations to the NSCN Board, including being an LPN preceptor, IWK Leadership Training Mentor, JOHSC Committee member and more. Claudia was the Managing Director of the Hants Community Hospital Foundation for seven years where she worked in philanthropy, financial planning, risk assessment and strategic planning. In this role, she displayed her leadership skills by managing a community of volunteers for campaigns, fundraisers and building relationships with sponsors. In her nursing practice, Claudia strives to recognize patterns and current trends and seeks out opportunities for independent and collaborative learning. Claudia’s experience demonstrates her passion for working together to build safer health care with the best possible health outcomes for patients.

Eric Poon

Eric Poon - Public Representative

Eric Poon is a fourth-year medical student at Dalhousie University Faculty of Medicine. Eric previously completed his Masters of Health Science in Nutrition Communication to become a Registered Dietitian. Eric comes to the Board with a range of experience, having worked in Diabetes Education, in policy advisory at the College of Dietitians Ontario, as a Naval Warfare Officer and in various clinical settings alongside nurses through clinical rotations. Eric believes in advocating for and prioritizing diversity, inclusion and accessibility and his prior experience working with the public brings a fresh perspective as a public representative on the NSCN Board. He has demonstrated this in his extensive volunteer work with organizations, including Sunnybrook Veterans, Blind Sailing Canada, the Advisory Council for the Toronto Metropolitan University School of Medicine, and I Am Potential youth mentoring.

Paulette Anderson

Paulette Anderson - Public Representative

Paulette Anderson of Plymouth, Nova Scotia, has extensive board experience and currently serves on the Nova Scotia Law Foundation Board, Midwifery Regulated Council, the Review Board of the Involuntary Psychiatric Treatment Act, and as Chair of the Complaints Review Committee of the Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society. Through her 16 years of board experience, Paulette understands the importance, expectations and commitment required of the public representative – a key role in protecting the public we serve. Paulette brings a rural perspective to the NSCN Board and is dedicated to ensuring self-regulated professionals succeed for the benefit of all Nova Scotians. Before becoming an NSCN Board member, Paulette was a member of the CRNNS Council and served on the CRNNS Complaints, Professional Hearing and Fitness to Practice Committees.

Rachel Sullivan

Rachel Sullivan - Registrant 

Rachel Sullivan is an RN who works as the Director of Interprofessional Practice and Learning for Central Zone at Nova Scotia Health. As the Director, Rachel is responsible for advancing person-centered practice excellence and the development of comprehensive professional practice and learning strategies to support the effective, efficient and sustainable delivery of services and programs. Her ability to work collaboratively in interprofessional practice environments has allowed her to optimize scopes of practice, health service leadership and collaborative learning. Rachel believes risk management is a driver for quality improvement and she is skilled at problem-solving complex issues. Rachel uses teamwork to identify innovative solutions that encompass best practice that aligns with the strategic direction of an organization while meeting the needs of patients. Rachel believes in acting as a role model for others and she strives to foster a culture of diversity and inclusion through understanding the different life experiences that make up our public and patient population.

Robyn Schleihauf

Robyn Schleihauf - Public Representative 

Robyn Schleihauf of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, has a professional background as a lawyer with her practice focusing on professional regulation. Robyn brings a special skill-set to the NSCN Board, sharing her broad interest in professional ethics, codes of conduct, and effective public interest regulation. In addition to being a lawyer, Robyn is an associate professor at the Schulich School of Law at Dalhousie University, where she recently taught the first-year legal ethics course. Robyn is also a writer and CBC contributor. Robyn comes to the Board with experience working on social justice initiatives, including the North Preston Land Pro Bono, and she continues to leverage her skills to advocate on behalf of the public.

Tricia Lane

Tricia Lane - Registrant

Tricia Lane is a pediatric nurse practitioner in Orthopaedics at the IWK Health Centre in Halifax. With over 30 years in the nursing profession, Tricia's philosophy of nursing practice is founded in patient-centered care and she is committed to providing high-quality health care for all Nova Scotians. As a strong advocate for patients and their families, Tricia believes serving on the NSCN Board is the next step in caring for her community by regulating how nursing care is delivered across Nova Scotia in the public’s interest.



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