One of the ways that we stay connected to stakeholders is through our monthly digital newsletter. The newsletter is emailed to all LPNs, RNs, NPs and other stakeholders 11 times a year and includes regulatory information that directly impacts the practice of nursing in Nova Scotia. 

In addition and only when required, we also send emails to registrants about program and service updates and any urgent regulatory notices.  

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To stay informed about our work, email us at to subscribe to our newsletter. You can email us at any time to unsubscribe. This option is only available to stakeholders. 

Sharing Information with Registrants

As the regulator, we are only permitted to share information that is regulatory in nature based on the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL). As a result, we are not able to post information from other organizations on our website or in our digital newsletters. 

Notice for Registrants about Subscribing and Unsubscribing

LPN, RN and NP registrants are required to provide NSCN with a valid email address for the purposes of receiving our regulatory communications. This includes receiving newsletters, email notices and other communications related to our programs and services. This ensures you receive important regulatory information and helps to maintain the public’s trust in nurses. As a registrant, you are not able to unsubscribe from our newsletters or email notices. 

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We will house newsletter issues from the past 12 months on our website.