Reinstatement Committee

An important part of our work is accomplished through regulatory committees that are established to help fulfill our mandate of public protection. Our regulatory committees function at arm’s length from our day-to-day work and include volunteer nurses and members of the public who make objective decisions related to the registration and licensing, practice and conduct of nurses in Nova Scotia.    

The Reinstatement Committee, upon request conducts formal hearings to determine whether to reinstate a registrant’s registration and licensing if it has been previously revoked. After considering the evidence and the submissions from an applicant and the College, the committee must decide to accept or reject the reinstatement application and communicate its decision with explanation to the applicant and CEO.


  • Debbie Cantwell RN    
  • Jennifer Carr LPN    
  • Jennifer Riis NP    
  • Jennifer Ross PR (Vice Chair)
  • Loretta Manning PR (Chair)


In the spirit of transparency, we publish the terms of reference for each of our committees. The terms provide an in-depth look at the work and requirements of the committee. Click here to open the Reinstatement Committee Terms of Reference

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