Reinstatement Hearings

When a nurse’s license and/or registration is revoked by the Professional Conduct Committee, the former nurse must follow our reinstatement process in order to regain registration and licensure.

Understanding the Process

The Reinstatement Committee is an independent decision making body made up of public members and nurses. Click here for more information on this committee

When a former nurse applies to regain registration and licensure, the Reinstatement Committee reviews the former nurse’s application to determine if it is appropriate for the former nurse to return to work. They do this by collecting evidence from the former nurse seeking reinstatement and from an investigator appointed by us, as required. 

The former nurse will be asked to provide any information the committee requires to assist them in determining if the former nurse should be reinstated. 

All applications for reinstatement will proceed to a Reinstatement Hearing.  The Reinstatement Hearing is usually a public process in which witnesses attend to give evidence and documentary evidence is submitted, similar to a trial.


The Reinstatement Committee considers all of the evidence and decides whether to accept or reject the application for reinstatement. 

Will I be notified of the committee’s decision?

Yes. The Reinstatement Committee will provide a written decision to the nurse seeking reinstatement.

Is the Committee’s Decision Final?

Yes. The Reinstatement Committee’s decision is final. You may want to seek legal advice for information on any potential options external to NSCN. 

Apply for Reinstatement

If you are a former nurse who would like to apply to reinstate your licence and/or registration, please see the following policies which outline reinstatement application requirements:

  1. Application for Reinstatement following Revocation
  2. Application for Reinstatement following Dismissal of Previous Application(s) for Reinstatement

If you have any questions, reach out to us at  

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