Renew Annual Licence

Every year, all nurses in Nova Scotia are required to renew their licence. This process is to ensure only nurses qualified to practise nursing are able to do so. Our goal is to review, process and renew all licences in a timely and efficient way. 


All nurses practicing as of November 1, 2021, should have a current 2022 licence. Working without a current licence is illegal. Check Search for a Nurse for up-to-date licensing status of all nurses in Nova Scotia.  

If you have a question, email us at or call us at 902-444-6726. We will respond as quickly as possible.

Scroll down this page or click on the link below for information on the licence renewal period. 

You need to know your registration number and password to submit an online renewal form.

For help finding your registration number or resetting your password:

How to reset your password

How to find your registration number


Registrant Portals

LPN Registrant Portal

RN and NP Registrant Portal

How to Renew

Getting Started: Submitting your renewal application online

  1. Login to your account using your registration number and password:
    1. Renew as LPN: Log into the LPN Registrant Portal
    2. Renew as RN/NP: Log into the RN & NP Registrant Portal

If you do not know your password and need to reset it, visit the login page to your account. For LPNS, visit here. For RNs and NPs, visit here. You will need your registration number to reset your password. If you do not know your registration number, visit Search for a Nurse and enter your name.

  1. Follow the steps to submit your application and payment, if applicable.

Once we receive both your application and payment, your application will be reviewed to determine if:

  • Additional documentation and information is required (i.e. licensure verifications)
  • You are eligible for a licence

Once eligible, your licence will be processed within 5 business days.

Information for Nurses Not Planning to Renew This Year

If you do not plan to renew your licence this year, visit the menu below that best fits your situation.

If you are going on maternity or paternity leave, please review the information here. We recommend that you continue to check the website to determine if there have been any changes to the application processes or timeframes.

If you are going to be off from work on an illness or injury leave of absence, please review the information here. We recommend that you continue to check the website to determine if there have been any changes to the application processes or timeframes.

If you are planning to retire or resign during the 2022 licensure period, visit our website here for more information.

If you plan to leave the province to work as a nurse elsewhere, please review the information here

Your Accountability 

As a self-regulated professional, it is your responsibility to renew your licence every year in order to legally practise as a nurse. We support you to be successful by providing resources, reminders and more. As you renew your licence, remember that:

  • You will be notified by email when your licence has been renewed. 
  • You must verify that your licence has been renewed using Search for a Nurse. 
  • Working without a practising licence is illegal and may result in a professional conduct complaint. 

Renewal During COVID-19

In the past, nurses have come to the NSCN office for several reasons including:

  • Making a payment
  • Using a NSCN Computer to submit their application
  • Submitting a paper renewal form
  • Asking license renewal questions

Please DO NOT come to the NSCN office if you are experiencing any symptoms consistent with COVID. Click here to see the 811 Self-Assessment guide.

In-Person Appointments
COVID-19 has forced us to re-think how we interact with you and other stakeholders in our office space. Although some of the Government of Nova Scotia COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted, we are still taking steps to protect you, staff and others during the renewal period. A noticeable change is that we now kindly request that you make an appointment if you wish to come to the office. More information on in-person appointments.

Virtual Appointments
Virtual appointments for additional support are available via telephone. More information on virtual appointments.

We have added additional safety measures in our office space to maintain physical distancing while onsite. You can read more about these measures here

Supports Available on our Website

We developed a comprehensive list of online resources to support you during the renewal period. The answers to your questions may already be available on our website!