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Nurses Floating to Other Nursing Units: Practice Scenario

Floating to other units to support the delivery of services is common practice. Nurses are accountable to meet their standards of practice and code of ethics by providing safe, competent and compassionate nursing care at all times. This practice scenario has been developed to help nurses understand their accountabilities around floating.

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We have developed practice support tools to support nurses in providing safe, competent, compassionate, and ethical care. Search by keyword or browse the topics below.

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Our practice support tools (previously known as documents, publications and/or resources) are organized alphabetically by topic. Click on a topic that interests you to access a variety of helpful tools on the topic, such as practice guidelines, FAQs and more. Some topics also include designation-specific tools relevant to the nurse’s individual scope of practice.  

Please note that not all of the practice support tools from the legacy Colleges are currently available on our new website. As we update these tools we will add them here. For more information on this process, visit the Practice Support Tools Vision for the Future webpage. In the meantime, our practice consultants are available to answer any practice questions. If you have a specific question about your practice or one of our tools, please contact us at

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