Key Performance Indicators

indicator 1 icon

Indicator 1

Standards of Good Regulation (SGR) practices are used to review/evaluate every NSCN initiative

Target: 100%


Standards for Good Regulation (SGR) ensure NSCN follows the principles established by the Professional Standards Authority (PSA). PSA-SGR were adapted for use when NSCN was created and we continue to adapt the SGR practices to evaluate new policy, procedures and regulatory documents against relevant PSA-SGR is developed.

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Indicator 2

Strategic projects and initiatives follow NSCN Project Management Processes

Target: 100%


To ensure effectiveness and efficiencies, projects and initiatives follow a project management process to ensure on time, on budget and the effective and efficient use of resources.

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Indicator 3

Average calendar days to approve and process a registration request for:

  1. NS Graduate
  2. Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA)
  3. Internationally Educated Nurse (IEN)


  1. 5 days NS Grad
  2. 5 days CFTA
  3. 30 days IEN


To ensure nurses registrations are processed as quickly as possible once all required information is received to move nurses into practice as safe and quickly as possible.

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Indicator 4

Projects/initiatives are assessed through the NSCN Risk Management Framework

Target: 100%


To ensure all projects have been appropriately assessed for risk and mitigation plans are identified.

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Indicator 5

Response time to Live-Chat inquiries

Target: 24 hours


To ensure accurate information is provided to the public, registrants, and other stakeholders in a timely manner.

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Indicator 6

NSCN is committed to continuous education in Diversity & Inclusion through the NSCN Road Map

Target: Progress to plan


To enable a culture of diversity, inclusion, and cultural sensitivity throughout all operational work at NSCN.

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Indicator 7

Average days for receipt of complaint to be acknowledged

Target: 2 business days


As part of our accountability to the public to report not just our decisions, but the rationale for our decisions, regulatory decisions are provided and communicated in a timely manner.

All complaints are reviewed immediately to ensure urgent issues are addressed immediately and complainants are communicated with in a timely manner.

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Indicator 8

Average days to submit decision to Complainant and Respondent once the Committee renders decision

Target: 5 business days


Once a committee has formally rendered its decision in writing, it is communicated in a timely, accountable , and transparent manner to both complainant and respondent.

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Indicator 9

Monthly financial reviews demonstrate responsible stewardship of its financial resources

Target: Progress to plan


The College’s strategic plan, (the activities or programs it plans to undertake) has been costed and resources have been allocated accordingly to achieve its statutory objectives and regulatory mandate.