LPN Registrant Portal

The LPN Registrant Portal is for you if you are an LPN registrant.  You can login to this portal and complete the following:

To login into the portal, you need your:

  1. registration number, which serves as your username. If you forget your registration number, you can search for it on the page Search for a Nurse.
  2. Password. If you forget your password, follow the instructions on the Change Your Personal Information webpage.  

If you have any questions, reach out to us at registration@nscn.ca. We will respond within two business days. 

LPN Registrant Portal

Notice about Email
In being conscious of the environment and financial responsibility, we communicate largely through email. Because of this, it’s important to include your most up to date email address on your licensure application and be sure to check your junk folder regularly to avoid missing important information relevant to your practice.