Important Information on New Regulatory Information System, Licence Renewal and More

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September 22, 2022

New Regulatory Information System Coming Soon!

NSCN has begun the important work of implementing new Information Technology software that will provide registrants with an efficient, easy-to-use portal that will be available through the NSCN website. This new state-of-the-art portal, which will be launched in early 2023, will allow individuals to complete their annual registration renewal, request documents from NSCN such as verifications of registration and support other regulatory needs.

The work delivers on a goal we set when creating one nursing regulator in the province and lays the foundation for a consistent and more efficient experience for all stakeholders.  

We look forward to sharing more information so please stay tuned to NSCN’s website, newsletters and social media for important updates.

Other News

Important Licence Renewal Information 

Applied for payroll deduction and wondering what's next?

Applications under payroll deduction are not processed until we receive your licensure fee from your employer, which generally occurs by the end of September. We strive to process your licence as soon as possible, however, due to the high volumes of payroll deduction applications and potential for unplanned delays, this may add to the overall processing time. If you have not received an email confirmation and official receipt from NSCN by October 14, 2022, please contact our Registration Services team at

Not planning on renewing this year?

Maternity & Paternity Leave

If you plan to work after November 1, 2022 and go on maternity or paternity leave during the licensure year, you must renew your licence and pay the annual fee. If you are a nurse and do not plan to practice after October 31, 2022, you do not need to hold a practising licence and do not need to renew.

Illness Leave

If you are off work due to illness or injury and do not plan to practice after October 31, 2022, you do not need to hold a practising licence and do not need to renew.

Please note: if you plan to return from leave during the licensure year, you must obtain a practising licence to work.


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