Working as a Travel Nurse in Nova Scotia

I am working as a travel nurse in Nova Scotia. What can I do to ensure I am meeting my standards of practice?

As a travel nurse licensed and working in Nova Scotia, you are accountable to practice in accordance with the professional scope of practice for your designation in Nova Scotia, the Nova Scotia standards of practice and the code of ethics.

Your accountabilities include:
  • Practice within your individual scope of practice , scope of employment , and follow employer specific policies and or unit specific policies and processes.
  • Inform the manager if the care you are asked to provide is beyond your level of competence or individual scope of practice.
  • Recognize and request additional support when the care of a client exceeds your level of competence.
Consider the following actions to help support you in your practice:
  • Request an appropriate orientation to the unit/facility.
  • Work with the manager or clinical nurse educator (if available) to attain any competencies that you do not possess.
  • Ask for support of the nurses and other care providers who are familiar with care area and the client population.
  • Identify another nurse you can collaborate with for questions that may arise during a shift.
  • Establish a plan for regular communication with the team lead and/or partnered nurse as necessary.
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