RN Prescribing Practice Guidelines

This tool is a resource for RN prescribers and others to assist in their understanding of:

  • Professional scope of practice, scope of employment and individual scope of practice of the RN prescriber¬†
  • Role of the employer
  • Registration requirements
  • Continuing competence requirements
  • Accountabilities of the RN prescriber related to:¬†
  • Developing the prescribing care plan
  • Writing a prescription
  • Decision making related to the selection of screening and diagnostic tests
  • Documentation

This tool, as with all NSCN tools, is to be used in conjunction with Standards of Practice for Registered Nurses, the Code of Ethics for Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners as well as Standards of Practice for RN Prescribers, the RN Prescriber Competencies and all applicable practice guidelines and employer policies.

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