Entry-Level Competencies for Licensed Practical Nurses

The Entry-Level Competencies for Licensed Practical Nurses describe the 5 categories of competencies required for entry-level LPNs in Nova Scotia. The competencies describe the knowledge skill, judgment, and attitude required of beginning practitioners to provide safe, competent, compassionate, and ethical nursing care. The 5 categories of competencies are: 

  • Demonstrate professional practice
  • Demonstrate ethical practice
  • Demonstrate legal practice
  • Demonstrate the foundations of practice
  • Engage in collaborative practice

While specific roles and responsibilities may vary by context and client population, this document outlines the essential competencies that all LPNs must possess to be proficient when they begin practice.

The document serves as a guide for curriculum development and for public and employer awareness of the practice expectations of the entry-level LPN.

If you have any questions about the Entry-Level Competencies for Licensed Practical Nurses, please reach out to us at practice@nscn.ca

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