Continuing Competence Program for RNs and NPs

The RN/NP Continuing Competence Program (CCP) is a regulatory program and quality assurance mechanism supporting nurses to facilitate their continuing competence. Every RN and NP is required to successfully complete the CCP requirements as part of their annual licensure requirement, regardless of their employment status. All applicants seeking licensure as an RN or NP must also complete the CCP requirements, except those applying for a temporary licence.

The CCP components include:

  • Maintaining nursing practice hours 
  • Engaging in reflective practice (self-refection and assessment)
  • Developing a learning plan
  • Participating in the verification process if selected

Program Tools to Help You be Successful

We’ve developed program support tools to support nurses to meet the CCP requirements. Click on the links below to review the tools:  

Getting Started

While there is no one way to approach CCP, we recommend reviewing the CCP Learning Plan Guide before you start the process.

STEP 1: Engage in the reflective practice activities by completing the Self-Reflection Tool (see page 2 of the CCP Learning Plan Guide).

STEP 2: Complete a self-assessment using the tool for RNs or NPs.

STEP 3: Develop your learning plan. Use the learning plan template and identify your objectives, learning activities and evaluation plan. Use your self-reflection and self-assessment to inform your plan. Refer to the CCP Learning Plan Guide for more information about developing a learning plan. Implement your plan over the licensing year, reviewing it regularly to make sure you’re staying on track.

STEP 4: Submit your learning plan to the College if you are selected in the verification process. If you’re selected we’ll notify you by regular and electronic mail in March or April. Refer to the CCP Learning Plan Guide for more information about the verification process.

We can provide you with sample learning plans if you need them. Email your request to

RN/NP CCP Frequently Asked Questions

The process is outlined in detail in the CCP Learning Plan Guide.

Yes. Your certification or completion of approved nursing education (BScN or MN programs only) can be used to satisfy your learning plan requirement. Education other than BScN or MN education can be used to inform your learning plan, as long as it’s specific to nursing and your standards of practice.

We’re here to help. Start by reviewing the feedback provided and the required learning plan criteria. Identify which criteria you didn’t meet and revise your plan accordingly. If you still need help, please reach out to the CCP team at

Have a Question?

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