A few changes to Interim Continuing Competence Program

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January 13, 2020

On January 13, the Nova Scotia College of Nursing (NSCN) released an interim NSCN Continuing Competence Program (CCP) for LPNs, RNs and NPs. However, nurses can expect few changes to the program requirements in 2020. 

When NSCN was formed on June 4, 2019, each legacy College had slightly different continuing competence programs. With a long-term vision to create a new continuing competence program for all nurses, the interim program effective January 13 maintains separate LPN and RN/NP program requirements while unifying the processes and expectations for nurses as much as possible. 

“This year is a bridge between the past legacy programs and the future,” shares Jylene Simmons, NSCN Practice Consultant and CCP Lead. “We found ways to unify the programs where we could, while also recognizing that there is no need to make big changes today when a new program is coming in the future.”  

What Has Not Changed

As part of the interim program: 

  • Program Requirements: the program requirements have not changed. All designations must meet the same program requirements as last year in order to be eligible for a practising licence. Click here for a refresher on each designation’s requirements. 
  • Focus on Support: the support available to nurses has not changed. There will continue to be a Practice Consultant and Support Team available in-person, by phone or email. 

What Has Changed

As part of the interim program, some of these changes may be new for you: 

  • New Language (new for RNs): the process to verify that a nurse has completed their learning plan is called the ‘audit process’ rather than the ‘verification process’. 
  • Extended Submission Timeframe (new for LPNs): nurses randomly selected for audit now have 60 days to submit their learning plan rather than 30 days. 
  • Audit Timelines: the audit timeframe this year is from February to April 2020.  
  • User-Friendly Guide and Q&As: a new, user-friendly CCP Guide and frequently asked questions (Q&As) is available on the website. Click here to access the guide. 

Next Steps: Audit Begins in February

On February 10, 75 LPNs and 125 RNs and NPs will be notified by email and by mail that they have been randomly selected to participate in the CCP audit process. 

Those selected will have 60 days to submit a copy of their completed learning plan to NSCN in order to be eligible for a 2021 licence. 

To determine if you have been selected this year:

  • Check your email, including your junk and spam folder on February 10 
  • Check your mailbox and open any NSCN mail during the week of February 10

If you are selected, you will receive detailed instructions about the process as well as a list of the documents you are required to submit. 

Open the CCP Guide for Nurses for more information on this process. 

Have a Question?
If you have any questions about the interim program, requirements for your designation or the audit process, reach out to us at ccp@nscn.ca or visit our website.

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