Continuing Competence Program

Continuing competence is career-long enhancement of knowledge, skill, and judgment required to practice safely and ethically. 

The Continuing Competence Program (CCP) is a regulatory program and quality assurance mechanism supporting nurses to facilitate their continuing competence. Every nurse in Nova Scotia required to successfully complete the CCP requirements as part of their annual licensure requirement, regardless of their employment status. 

Eventually there will be one CCP for all nurses. Until then, we’re hosting the legacy CCPs for LPNs and for RNs/NPs. While there are small differences between these legacy programs, they both have the following components:

  • A required number of practice hours
  • Self-reflection and/or self-assessment of individual competence
  • The development of a learning plan to meet professional learning goals over the year
  • Reflective evaluation of the impact the learning plan
  • A process to confirm a nurse’s participation in CCP

How CCP Protects the Public

CCPs provide a level of assurance to the public that nurses are continuously meeting their professional practice standards.  These programs contribute to our mandate of public protection by requiring every nurse in Nova Scotia to participate annually in reflective learning activities designed to help them maintain and enhance their professional competence. CCP is a requirement outlined in the Nursing Act.

What You Need to Do 

Successful completion of CCP is a requirement for licensure or annual renewal. You are required to declare your compliance with CCP each year on your renewal form. If you indicate that you haven’t met all the requirements, you will only qualify for a 1 time, time-limited licence. This 3-month licence will expire (and you won’t be authorized to practise) unless you provide us with written confirmation that you have complied with CCP. We may notify your employer. 

Program Tools to Help You be Successful

We’ve developed program support tools to help you successfully meet your CCP requirements. The tools are specific to each designation and you’ll find them on the CCP webpage for your designation. If you have any questions about CCP, check out our CCP Frequently Asked Questions or reach out to us at