NCLEX-RN Myths and Facts

To ensure students, employers and others are well-informed about the NCLEX-RN Exam, the following is a list of myths and facts about the exam. 

NCLEX-RN Myths and Facts

Myth: Canadian nurses don’t have input into the NCLEX-RN Exam.

Fact: Canadian nurses and educators have been, and will continue to be, involved in reviewing the NCLEX-RN Exam. This input helps to keep the exam free of biases in language, cultural values or legislative references that could impede your understanding of exam questions. For example, if a question refers to a medication that has a different name in the U.S. than in Canada, both names of the medication are provided.

Myth: The NCLEX-RN Exam is an American exam containing American content.

Fact: The NCLEX-RN is not an “American exam”. It does not test writers’ knowledge of the American health care system. As stated previously, Canadian nurses and educators are involved in the review of the NCLEX-RN to make sure the NCLEX-RN meets the needs of Canadian writers. In addition, the NCLEX is offered in other countries besides Canada, such as Australia, England and the Philippines.

Myth: Nova Scotia nursing programs won’t adequately prepare students for the NCLEX-RN Exam.

Fact: Nova Scotia’s nursing schools base the content of their nursing programs on the Registered Nurse Entry-Level Competencies, just as they always have. The competencies outline the foundational nursing knowledge you need at the beginning of your career. The NCLEX-RN tests this foundational nursing knowledge, which you will have received through a Nova Scotia nursing program.

Myth: The NCLEX-RN Exam won’t adequately assess students’ nursing skills, knowledge and judgment.

Fact: The NCLEX-RN is recognized as a “psychometrically sound” exam. This means that it provides an objective and valid measurement of the writers’ skills, knowledge and abilities in the field of nursing.

Myth: There is no way to prepare for the NCLEX-RN.

Fact: In addition to knowledge that you’ve acquired through your nursing education, there is information available about the exam format and resources to help you prepare for the exam. See the NCLEX-RN Preparation Guide or visit the NCLEX-RN Exam webpage for additional resources and information. 

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