Self-Reporting a Criminal Offence

All nurses in Nova Scotia are obligated to self-report a criminal offence. Nurses must notify NSCN if they have been charged with, have pleaded guilty to, been convicted of or found to be guilty in or out of Canada of any offence that is inconsistent with the expected professional behaviour of a nurse. This includes a conviction under one or more of the following unless a pardon has been granted:

Additionally, nurses are required to self-report if they:

  • have been found guilty of a disciplinary finding in another jurisdiction
  • have had a licensing sanction imposed by another jurisdiction
  • are the subject of an investigation or disciplinary process in any jurisdiction

Nurses must self-report directly to the NSCN Chief Executive Officer and Registrar (CEO). They should do this whenever an offence has occurred or as part of initial licensure or annual licence renewal. Once reported, the CEO or designate may require the nurse to fully disclose the facts or circumstances of a conviction.

The CEO may also require that either the registrant meet with the Complaints Committee or that the applicant meet with the Registration and Licensing Committee to fully disclose and discuss the facts and circumstances of the matter.

The committee’s outcome or any interim action that NSCN considers depends on the individual circumstances of the matter. Failing to disclose information or falsifying registration forms may constitute professional misconduct.

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