Conditional Registration & Licensure

Welcome to the nursing profession in Nova Scotia. You will be eligible to receive LPN, RN or NP conditional registration and licensure while you wait to write the national exam once you have applied and met all registration and licensure requirement. 

This webpage is for you if you graduated from a practical nurse, baccalaureate or NP program in or outside Canada and you are not licensed anywhere else in Canada. If you have already passed the Canadian national exam and are already licensed with a regulatory body in Canada, please click here

Before you begin, it’s important to know:

  • We are available to help if you have any questions. View our Conditional Licensure Q&A for more information or reach out to us at and we will respond within two business days. 
  • All application documents must be provided in English. Translations from a certified translator are also accepted. You are responsible for the cost of all translations.
  • All documents received through the application process are the property of NSCN and can only be released to another regulatory body with your written permission. Documents will not be released to you or to any third party unless required by law.

Application Process

How to Apply for Conditional Registration and Licensure: 

Once you have submitted your application in Alinity and are made eligible for conditional registration and a conditional licence, you will be directed to log into your Alinity profile and pay the conditional licence fee. Once the fee is paid, your licence will become active and you can check the Search for a Nurse to find your licensure information.

Please note:  Original criminal record check(s), if required, must be submitted and be current before you receive your licence with NSCN. 

Conditional Licensure Q&A

View our Conditional Licensure Q&A for more information on conditional licence, newly licensed nurse conditions, mentorship and transition to practice conditions, and conditional licensure pending documents.

Please be advised that registration requirements and fees are subject to change. All registration and licensure fees are non-refundable. Click here to learn more about fees and payment options.