NP Regulatory Framework Project 

As a leader in nursing regulation, NSCN is part of a national project to develop a common NP regulatory framework across Canada. Beginning in 2020, the project is a multi-year, multi-faceted initiative with a goal to develop:  

  • Common NP standards of practice; 
  • One national entry-level exam for all NPs;
  • One NP registration category based on entry-level competencies;
  • Formal graduate level programs in nursing that prepare RNs to meet the NP entry-level competencies across the life span and diverse practice settings; and
  • Common principles for continuing competence, entry-level competencies and re-entry to practice. 

The project builds upon the work of two previous NP initiatives in Canada. Both initiatives included NSCN leadership and the participation of NPs in Nova Scotia. For more information on these initiatives, please open the CCRNR Project Backgrounder.

Project Benefits

Among the many benefits, this project will:

  • Enable the appropriate levels of regulation in the public interest
  • Facilitate collaboration, resource sharing and standardization across jurisdictions
  • Reduce barriers and advance labour mobility for NPs across the country
  • Enhance the public’s understanding of the NP role and scope of practice 

Project Status

Stay informed by reading the latest project updates and other resources.