Code of Ethics

All nurses in Nova Scotia have a code of ethics that they must follow. The code outlines the ethical responsibility that nurses have to clients, families and the community and helps the public feel confidence that nurses are making decisions in their best interest. 

In Nova Scotia, there is a code for LPNs and one for RNs and NPs:

Both codes were developed nationally and adopted by our organization. 

Maintaining Trust

Nurses are one of the most trusted health professionals in Canada. The code of ethics help to maintain trust between nurses and the public by articulating the ethical responsibilities that nurses must uphold and promote.

Code of Ethics for Licensed Practical Nurses in Canada

All LPNs are responsible to follow the code of ethics. This means: 

  • Fostering trust and respect 
  • Demonstrating personal and professional competence and value systems
  • Providing safe, effective, compassionate, competent and ethical care 
  • Developing and maintaining positive, collaborative relationships 

Open the Code of Ethics for LPNs

Code of Ethics for Registered Nurses

All RNs and NPs are responsible to follow the code of ethics. This means: 

  • Honouring dignity
  • Being accountable 
  • Maintaining privacy and confidentiality 
  • Promoting justice, health and well-being
  • Providing safe, compassionate, competence and ethical care
  • Promoting and respecting informed decision-making

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