We work with a wide range of stakeholders across the province to deliver on our mandate of protecting the public. This includes the public of Nova Scotia, nurses, employers, educators, unions, government, other regulators, associations and special interest nursing groups as needed. 

We also consult and collaborate with a range of stakeholders to help develop our work. In fact, the NSCN Board and staff were committed to creating opportunities for stakeholders to develop the legislation that underpins NSCN. The feedback, views and thoughts of our stakeholders have helped to influence and shape the organization from its inception. We believe that our stakeholders are the backbone of who we are and how we conduct ourselves. 

As a collaborative partner in health care, we believe that all stakeholder feedback is important and it is our role to balance that with our mandate so that the interest of Nova Scotia is always maintained as our top priority. 

The provision of safe and quality health care to Nova Scotians is a complex matter and one that requires a collaborative approach amongst all of us who play a role in health care in this province. As members of the health care community, we believe will be at our best when we build upon the value and contributions of one another and deliver on our goals with a holistic approach that benefits the public.