Approve Education Programs

The Education Program Approval Committee (EPAC), composed of registrants and public representatives, has a role to advise and makes recommendations to the NSCN Board with respect to:

  1. establishing  standards for education programs and re-entry programs
  2. approving, conditionally approving, denying or withdrawing approval for education programs.
  3. assessing for compliance with education standards at times approved by the Board.

Programs must submit an annual progress report to the EPAC addressing the education standards and their progress in meeting any program review recommendations.

The following are education programs in Nova Scotia approved by NSCN:


  • Nova Scotia Community College Practical Nursing Education Program
  • Université Sainte-Anne Practical Nursing Education Program
  • Nova Scotia Community College Practical Nursing Re-Entry Program


Dalhousie University:

  • Halifax site (Direct Entry & Advanced Standing) modified BScN program  
  • Yarmouth Site (Direct Entry& Advanced Standing ) modified BScN program 
  • Halifax site Bachelor of Science of Nursing BScN, Halifax Site four and two year streams
  • Yarmouth Site Bachelor of Science of Nursing BScN four year stream 

Cape Breton University:

  • Direct Entry BScN Program
  • Advanced Standing BScN Program  
  • LPN Pathway BScN Program
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing 4-Year Program

St. Francis Xavier University:

  • Direct Entry BScN 4-year Program
  • Accelerated  BScN Program 
  • LPN-BSCN Pathway Program 
  • Current Post RN-BScN Program 
  • Current generic BScN 4-year Program


Dalhousie University:

Dalhousie University Master of Nursing Program in the following NP streams:

  • Family All Ages
  • Adult
  • Neonate


Registered Nurses Professional Development Centre:

  • RN Bridging/Re-entry Program for Canadian and Internationally Educated Nurses