Customer Experience Survey Results

Customer Service representative
December 8, 2022

At NSCN, we are committed to the growth and ongoing enhancement of the work we do on behalf of Nova Scotians. We strive to better understand the needs of our stakeholders and provide excellent customer service.

Our recent Customer Experience Survey, which was open to all stakeholders from August 3, 2022 – October 31, 2022, helped us better understand our customer’s needs and how we can work to continue to provide excellent customer service.

Respondents who participated in the survey identified that we did very well in the following areas:

  • Responded knowledgeably to their inquiry and therefore informed us they would contact NSCN with a question again in the future
  • Provided helpful resources or tools shared by NSCN staff that related to their inquiry
  • Responded with compassion and empathy making them feel that their inquiry was being heard

Based on the results, we are committed to improving in the following areas to ensure we meet the needs of our customers and provide excellent customer service:

  • Improve overall customer experience satisfaction
  • Improve response time to ensure customers receive an initial response within three business days

The results will help inform our new customer service commitment statements that will be created in 2023. Results and feedback also helped us develop a training plan for all NSCN staff, who will undergo a customer service course in January 2023.

To continue our ongoing commitment to customer service, our Customer Experience Survey will now be a standing item on our website for anyone to complete at any time. Take the survey here.

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