New Opportunities to Evaluate NSCN Services

nurse at a computer
April 16, 2021

As part of the Nova Scotia College of Nursing’s (NSCN) commitment to quality improvement and stakeholder engagement, the Standards, Guidance and Customer Experience (SGCE) team is launching a new way to evaluate its services.

Beginning on June 1, 2021, any individual accessing SGCE consultation services and the practice support tools available online will have the opportunity to provide feedback about their experience through a brief online survey. This includes any individuals who access:

  • Practice Support Tools (PST) – survey link will be available on the tool’s webpage
  • Individual Consultations (by email) - survey link will be emailed to you
  • Group Consultations (virtual and in-person) – survey link will be emailed to you

“Our team currently collects feedback from stakeholders during the development phase of a new practice support tool,” shares Trent MacIsaac, Director of Standards, Guidance and Customer Experience. “This adds another touchpoint in our process by asking stakeholders for feedback once they have had a chance to consider and apply our advice in practice.”

The survey is optional, and responses are confidential. Staff will use the feedback to inform the development and delivery of PSTs and SGCE services in the future. Since staff will be reviewing the feedback on a rotational basis, please reach out directly if you have any immediate questions or concerns.    

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