Notice of NSCN Online Annual Meeting

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August 31, 2020

In April, the NSCN Board made the decision to postpone our first annual meeting until October 1, 2020, as a result of the impact COVID-19 was having on the personal and professional lives of Nova Scotians. Postponing our first annual meeting was not an easy decision, but one that allowed us to better adapt and prepare for our “new normal”. We can now share more information about what you can expect on October 1. 

When will the NSCN annual meeting be held?

As mentioned above, our annual meeting will be held online on October 1, and will run for approximately one hour from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm.  

How will the NSCN annual meeting be held?

Adhering to public health measures in the middle of a pandemic has presented all of us with a “new normal” that has changed the way we interact and gather. To protect the safety of the public, registrants, the Board and our staff, this year’s NSCN annual meeting will be online. 

Who can participate and how to you register?

Our Annual Meeting is open to all registrants and the public, providing an opportunity to learn important information about how we are meeting our mandate and the role of NSCN. Registration opens August 31, 2020 and you can register here as a voting delegate or non-voting delegate.

How will this year’s annual meeting look?

While we’ll be gathering online rather than in person, the meeting itself will still look very similar to what you have seen in previous years. Registrants can choose to register as either a voting delegate, or a non-voting delegate. Each voting delegate has one (1) vote. 

Registering as a voting delegate allows registrants to vote on:

  1. Motions arising out of the business of the NSCN Annual Meeting pursuant to By-law 23(5)(c).
  2. Resolutions proposed pursuant to By-law 26, and related motions arising out of such resolutions.
  3. Any other motions consistent with the objectives of the College where at least two-thirds of the voting body approve of the motion being brought forward pursuant to By-law 23(5)(c). 

Please refer to NSCN’s Voting Rules for the Annual Meeting

Apply to be an NSCN Annual Meeting Scrutineer

We are looking for two NSCN Annual Meeting Scrutineers to lend a hand for the 2020 NSCN Annual Meeting. Scrutineers are required to count votes at the NSCN Annual Meeting and play a key role in capturing accurate resolutions from the audience.

While the event will be held online, we will be streaming the meeting from our office where votes will be counted. To thank you for your time, scrutineers are provided with an accommodation and mileage subsidy to Halifax to cover their required expenses to attend the meeting. Previous experience attending an annual meeting of one of the two legacy Colleges as a voting delegate or as a scrutineer is required. 

If you are interested in becoming a 2020 NSCN Annual Meeting scrutineer and lending approximately 1 hour of your time on the afternoon of October 1, 2020, please submit your name to Darlene Martin, NSCN Executive Assistant, at by September 7, 2020. 

How can you submit motions for consideration? 

Registrants who wish to raise motions as noted above have the following options:

  1. Submit the motion seven days prior to the NSCN Annual Meeting online with the mover and seconder identified, in accordance with instructions issued by the College in advance of the commencement of the NSCN Annual Meeting
  2. Submit the motion through the online platform no more than 30-minutes following the start of the NSCN Annual Meeting, with the mover and seconder identified, in accordance with instructions issued by the College in advance of the commencement of the NSCN Annual Meeting

Where a motion has been properly received as set out above, the Board Chair or other presiding officer shall call for a vote to determine if the motion may be advanced for discussion at the NSCN Annual Meeting, and at least two-thirds of the voting delegates must agree that the motion may be discussed before it can be considered.

Have a motion you would like submitted for consideration? You can submit your motion here in accordance to requirements. 

Resolutions for the NSCN Annual Meeting

Registrants have an opportunity to submit resolutions to be considered for voting at the Annual Meeting pursuant to By-law 26. A call for resolutions was issued on February 26, 2020 with no resolutions received.  


If you have any questions, please contact Darlene Martin, NSCN Executive Assistant at

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