2020 Here We Come: 5 Things to Expect From Us This Year

5 things to expect from us this year
January 20, 2020

We have to admit that there is something exciting about turning the page of a calendar to find a brand new year of possibilities ahead of us, especially when the World Health Organization has declared 2020 the year of the nurse and midwife! Nurses play a vital role in providing health care to Nova Scotians and together we ensure that the public receives safe, ethical, compassionate and competent nursing.  

This past year was a historic one for nursing regulation in our province and it would not have been possible without you. Your collaboration and feedback help shape NSCN and it resulted in innovative and enabling legislation that allows NSCN to be progressive today and well into the future. 

So, what can you expect from NSCN in 2020 as we kick off a new decade? Lots! Here are a few highlights you might want to know about.


  1. MORE CONSULTATION. When we collaborate with nurses across the province, we can create opportunities for greater impact in the lives of Nova Scotians. You can expect more chance to shape NSCN and the work we do in 2020. Check out our public consultation forum and subscribe to upcoming consultations.    
  2. OPEN AND ACCESSIBLE NSCN BOARD MEETINGS. The NSCN Board ensures that the NSCN team conducts our work well and that we uphold our duties to our stakeholders. The Board wants that process to be open and transparent for our stakeholders, which is why we encourage you to attend a Board meeting in 2020. 
  3. AN NSCN TEAM DEDICATED TO INNOVATION. At NSCN, we aren’t content with the status quo, which is why we are committed to building an internal team that will help us continue to discover new and enhanced ways of delivering service to our stakeholders and satisfying our mission to protect the public. While you won’t always see the internal changes we are making, you will notice our outcomes as we continue to enhance our current programs and practices. 
  4. DEMONSTRATION OF NSCN VALUES. The values we hold true as an organization don’t just hang on our walls. We will look for more opportunities to demonstrate our values in our decision-making process, the services we provide, how we collaborate with you and in how our stakeholders experience NSCN. Watch for us to demonstrate enhanced accountability, transparency, integrity, agility and relational regulation in the year ahead. 
  5. PRACTICE SUPPORT TOOLS. Watch for more practice support tools in 2020 that apply to ALL nurses in Nova Scotia and support the provision of safe, competent, compassionate and ethical care by licensed practical nurses, registered nurses and nurse practitioners.   

On behalf of the NSCN Board and staff, we would like to thank all of you for making 2019 such a remarkable year in our history book. We also look forward to making an even greater impact with all of you on the lives of Nova Scotians throughout the year ahead. 

The NSCN Leadership Team

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