Meet our New Board

New Board Group Picture
May 24, 2019

As the new Nova Scotia College of Nursing, we are pleased to introduce the new Board. As the first Board for the new College, this group is paving the way forward for nursing regulation in Nova Scotia. 

The Board was officially selected on Wednesday, April 24 and have been working since then to prepare for the legal establishment of our organization. With proclamation of the Nursing Act, they now have the authority to govern our organization and make governance decisions that are consistent with the new Act, regulations and by-laws. 

The Board consists of 11 leaders: 

  • Charmaine McPherson, RN, Chair
  • Jason Reeves, LPN, Vice-Chair
  • Anne Bigelow, Public representative
  • Michael Gillis, Public representative
  • Emily Huner, Public representative
  • Susan Nasser, Public representative
  • Betty Thomas, Public representative
  • Theresa MacDonald, LPN
  • Shaunna Snow, LPN
  • Chanda MacDonald, RN
  • Sheri Price, RN

Since Board members may be initially familiar to some stakeholders, each member has written a brief profile highlighting their background, experience and expertise. We encourage you to get to know each of our Board members and to follow along in their historic journey as our first Board.   
For more information, meet the Board as well as learn about the Board will operate in the best interest of the Nova Scotian public.    

If you have any questions, reach out to us at 

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