Resolving Professional Practice Issues Practice Guideline

Consultation Type:
Closed with Summary

Consultation Overview

This is a revised practice guideline replacing the singular legacy Colleges documents on Resolving Professional Practice Issues. We requested feedback from nurses to ensure we developed a relevant and useful practice guideline that will support nurses to provide safe, competent, compassionate and ethical nursing services.

Consultation Participation and Response 

We requested feedback using an online survey and received responses from 26 nurses with 4 respondents having outstanding questions around their professional accountability related to resolving professional practice issues after reviewing the guideline. 

Impact on the Project

Thank you for providing your feedback on the Resolving Professional Practice Issues Practice Guideline. Below explains how we incorporated this feedback into the guideline.

There was a question on if it is a violation of your standards of practice if you are aware of the professional practice issue (PPI) but do not take action. The guideline states on page 4: “It may be considered a violation of your standards of practice if you are aware of a PPI but do not take action.”

Some nurses wanted information about specific practice issues. Not all situations can be covered in a guideline but we encourage you to contact an NSCN Practice Consultant for further guidance if required at


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