Problematic Substance Use - A Guide for Nurses

Consultation Type:
Closed with Summary

Consultation Overview

This is a new practice guideline replacing the CRNNS legacy College document, Problematic Substance Use in the Workplace. We requested feedback from nurses to ensure we developed a relevant and useful practice guideline that will support nurses to provide safe, competent, compassionate and ethical nursing services.

Consultation Participation and Response 

We requested feedback using an online survey and received one response from a nurse who did not require clarification or provide feedback around problematic substance use.

Impact on the Project

Thank you for providing your feedback on Problematic Substance Use – A Guide for Nurses. Below explains how we incorporated this feedback into the guideline.

The respondent did not provide any feedback or comments regarding need for clarification or additional information. No changes have been made to this document. 

Next Steps/Conclusion

This practice support tool is now complete and can be found on the website under Professional Practice.

There will be a planned roll out of this practice support tool in the future. We have that plan on hold as we support the public, nurses and others during the COVID-19 pandemic. To see more of this work, visit our COVID-19 webpage.

We encourage stakeholders to watch for the Problematic Substance Use – A Guide for Nurses roll out in the future.

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