Canadian Council of Registered Nurse Regulators Seeking Feedback on Draft Entry-Level Competencies for NPs

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Consultation Overview

On behalf of the Canadian Council for Registered Nurse Regulators (CCRNR), Nova Scotia College of Nursing (NSCN) is seeking feedback on the draft entry-level competencies for nurse practitioners (NPs). Draft-entry level competencies were developed for a new model for nurse practitioner (NP) regulation in Canada. As part of the implementation, it was recognized that there was a need to refresh existing NP entry-level competencies to reflect the current environment and health care trends and support the implementation of a new model for NP regulation.

We invite members of the public, registrants (LPNs and RNs), and other stakeholders, to participate in the draft Entry-Level Competencies for Nurse Practitioners SurveyThe deadline to complete the survey is Friday, July 15, 2022For NPs, please respond to the survey link that will be sent directly to your email on June 22, 2022

The draft NP entry-level competencies document is available for you to review here. Your participation in the survey is voluntary and your answers will remain anonymous. 

Background on the Initiative

The NP Regulatory Framework Implementation Plan Project (NPR-FIPP) builds on the work of two NP initiatives: the Practice Analysis Study of Nurses and the NP Regulation Practices Project.

NPR-FIPP was formed to help plan and oversee the implementation of the recommendations from the above initiatives through a multi-year, multi-faceted initiative with a goal to develop:

  • Common NP standards of practice; 
  • One national entry-level exam for all NPs;
  • One NP registration category based on entry-level competencies;
  • Formal graduate-level programs in nursing that prepare RNs to meet the NP entry-level competencies across the life span and diverse practice settings; and
  • Common principles for continuing competence, entry-level competencies and re-entry to practice. 

This consultation serves to help achieve the project goal of creating one NP registration category based on entry-level competencies.

Entry-level competencies are a tool used by NSCN and other regulators as a basis for developing requirements for registration, education curricula, NP program approval, standards for practice and other regulatory activities. They reflect the knowledge, skills, abilities, and judgement required of NPs to practice safely and ethically in their first two years of practice. Entry-level competencies are reviewed and updated on a regular basis.

CCRNR is requesting feedback through surveys on the refreshed draft Entry-Level Competencies for Nurse Practitioners which is available for you to review here. Your feedback will help to inform changes needed to ensure that NP entry-level competencies are current, appropriate, and relevant.

Consultation Next Steps

Feedback received as part of this consultation process will be analyzed by an external consultant and will inform changes needed to ensure that NP entry-level competencies are current, appropriate, and relevant. This work on entry-level competencies will be incorporated into CCRNR’s NPR-FIPP overall project to develop a common NP regulatory framework across Canada.

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