NSCN 2022 Annual Meeting

The NSCN 2022 Annual Meeting took place virtually as an online event on Thursday, May 19 at 1:00pm. The meeting provided members of the public, registrants and other stakeholders the opportunity to receive updates about NSCN business from the Board, the CEO & Registrar and external auditors. The meeting also gave stakeholders a platform to ask questions and engage in discussion about nursing regulatory matters.

Stay tuned for our Q&A document that will include responses to the questions posed by meeting attendees. Read our 2021 Annual Report which highlights how we delivered on our three strategic objectives of effective, transparent and accountable regulation.

Where can I watch the 2022 Annual Meeting?

The NSCN 2022 Annual Meeting took place virtually as an online event on Thursday, May 19 at 1:00pm. Watch the digital recording of the meeting here. 

Where can I view the questions and answers from the 2022 Annual Meeting?

At our meeting during the discussion period and by email until May 26, Annual Meeting attendees had the opportunity to raise questions about the information presented during the Annual Meeting or on other nursing regulatory matters.

We have compiled those questions and responses from NSCN into a Question and Answer resource. View the resource here.

What business takes place at the meeting?

The Annual Meeting is an opportunity for stakeholders to learn more about NSCN’s activities over the past year, including an update from our external auditors on NSCN’s finances.

Who can attend?

Everybody! The virtual Annual Meeting is open to members of the public, NSCN registrants and all other stakeholders.

How do I register and join?

The meeting will be conducted via Zoom. Registration has now closed.

What if I have a matter I would like to bring forward to the NSCN Board?

A meeting attendee may ask questions or submit comments regarding a nursing regulatory matter during the discussion period at the annual meeting. Board policy permits registrants to submit a resolution for the Board’s consideration throughout the year (Board policy 3.13.4). This process enables registrants to bring issues to the Board for consideration in a more timely manner throughout the year without waiting until the Annual Meeting.  

Am I able to ask questions at the meeting?

Yes. There will be an opportunity to participate in discussions via the online platform and to pose questions once the Annual Meeting information has been presented. More information will be coming about the process to raise matters via the online platform.

How do I participate during the Annual Meeting?

For more information on stakeholder participation and engagement during the Annual Meeting, read our participation resource here.

Please note: The call for resolutions closed on February 18, 2022. 

Where Can I View the 2021 Annual Report?

The 2021 Annual Report can be found here.


Please refer to the 2021 Annual Meeting minutes from last year. These were addressed as part of the meeting held on May 19, 2022

Read the 2022 Annual Meeting minutes here.

How can I learn more? 

Stay tuned to our website, newsletters, Facebook and Twitter! And email annual.meeting@nscn.ca if you have specific questions.