Submitting a Complaint

To submit a complaint, complete and submit a Complaint Form or a written document along with supporting documentation.  

To minimize any delays in the process, we recommend that you complete our Complaint Forms rather than submit a written document in order to ensure that you submit all the necessary information we require to process your complaint.  If you submit a written document, please ensure that you read and understand the Submitting a Complaint: Information Sheet located on pages 5 and 6 of the Complaint Form prior to submitting a complaint in this manner. 

Click here if you require more information on preparing your complaint

Submitting a Complaint on Behalf of Someone Else

If you are a member of the public making a complaint about the care provided to another person such as a family member or loved one, you need to also submit the Authorization to Submit Complaint Form along with your complaint. Click here for more information about how to make a complaint on behalf of someone else

How to Submit a Complaint 

You can send your completed form or written document and supporting documentation to us by email, fax or mail. It should be addressed to: Professional Conduct Services – NSCN. 

Fax: 902.377.5188
Nova Scotia College of Nursing 
Professional Conduct Services – Intake 
300-120 Western Parkway, Bedford, NS B4B 0V2

We will contact you within 7 business days to confirm that we have received your complaint. If you have any questions, reach out to us at   

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