Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Certification Exam (AANPCP)

Important: This application is in addition to the application that must be completed on the AANPCP website.Please refer to AANPCP Fact Sheet for details.
If you are not currently licensed as a registered nurse with CRNNS, attach copy of your birth certificate. If name has changed, attach the applicable documentation.
for School of Nursing
Have you ever written the AANPCP exam or other Pediatric NP exam?
By submitting this application form:

I authorize the collection, use and disclosure of personal information concerning myself as described in the College of Registered Nurses of Nova Scotia (CRNNS) Privacy Policy Statement. For more information on the privacy policy you can contact CRNNS' privacy officer at 902-491-9744 ext. 235.

In addition, I authorize CRNNS to carry out the procedures necessary for the assessment of my eligibility to write the Nurse Practitioner (NP) examination. This includes making copies of my application to write the NP examination and/or contacting the institutions or authorities stated on this application to verify the authenticity of the information. This Signature Declaration allows CRNNS to contact other regulatory bodies and educational institutions to obtain information pertinent to my application. I agree that a copy of this Signature Declaration can be sent by CRNNS to other regulatory bodies or educational institutions allowing them to release information to CRNNS.

I declare that all of the information I have provided in this application is complete and truthful. I understand that CRNNS will immediately stop the assessment of my application to write the NP examination and that my application will be cancelled, licensure will be refused, and I will be prohibited from applying to CRNNS in the future if:

I have provided any inaccurate information; or
I have omitted required information. This applies to all written correspondence.
Price: $143.75