Changes to NP Regulatory Requirements

With proclamation of the new Nursing Act on June 4, there are two important changes that all NPs need to know.

Collaboration is Key

While you are no longer required to submit an NP Population and Setting Verification Form prior to starting your practice, you are required to meet your standards of practice in order to be eligible to practise nursing. This includes continuing to establish collaborative relationships with other health professionals as well as communicating with the most appropriate health professional(s) for consultation or referral when the client’s health care needs go beyond your individual or regulated scope of practice or when another professional’s expertise is required. As always, you are expected to continue working in a collaborative manner that best serve your client’s needs

Changing Client Population

Additionally, there is a new definition for “change of client population”. We now define a change of population to be: moving from the client group that you are formerly educated and have passed the exam to a client group where you have not been educated or passed the exam. This means that you are no longer required to report if you are moving to a different practice setting. if it is within the same stream of practice (e.g. a Family/All Ages NP who moves from a community clinic to an acute care facility) .  This type of client population change will be managed through your employer orientation to the  new position.

If you who wish to provide care to a client population and you have not completed education or an approved licensure exam (e.g. adult or pediatrics to Family/All Ages), you will be required to report this change to the Registration and Licensing Committee.  This committee will review the application and may determine what, if any, additional education and exam is required in order for you to move to the new client population.

If you have any additional questions related to these changes or any other aspect of NP practice in Nova Scotia, please contact or view the NP Practice Information Sheet