Canadian Nurses Association Opens Membership to All Regulated Nurses

On February 5 2018, we announced that the Nova Scotia College of Nursing would not be as a jurisdictional member of the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA). This announcement was made after the provincial government adopted a new policy on self-regulated professions that clearly outlines the role of the regulator to serve and protect the public, which is separate and distinct from the advocacy mandate of a professional association. 

CNA is pleased to establish CNA Nova Scotia and offer membership to all regulated nurses in Nova Scotia. CNA Nova Scotia is a way for the all nurses – LPNs, RNs and NPs – to remain connected to CNA and gives a voice to nurses in Nova Scotia until a provincial association has been officially developed and incorporated. Visit the CNA website for more information on their mandate and mission

Membership with CNA

If you wish to maintain a membership with CNA, please visit the CNA website. We do not administer the membership process for CNA. 

If you are a nurse in Nova Scotia who is not yet a member of CNA: you can purchase a CNA membership directly through the CNA website. Click here to visit the CNA website

If you are an RN or NP who held a 2019 licence with the legacy College of Registered Nurses of Nova Scotia (CRNNS) prior to June 4: membership with CNA expired on December 31, 2019. You can consider purchasing a new membership at any time with CNA. Visit the CNA website for details. 

If you have any questions about CNA membership, email 

Facts at a Glance

NSCN is not a jurisdictional member of CNA. What does this mean?

  • NSCN licensure fees do not include membership with CNA
  • NSCN does not administer the membership process for CNA
  • Holding an NSCN licence is a legal requirement to practise nursing in Nova Scotia 
  • Remaining a member of CNA is not a requirement of licensure
  • Our regulatory role is separate and distinct from advocacy mandate of CNA 
  • Professional liability has and will continue to be included in the NSCN licensure fee through Lloyd Sadd Insurance Brokers Ltd. for LPNs and the Canadian Nurses Protective Society for RNs and NPs