Online Education Survey

Please share your feedback on the NSCN online education video that you just accessed from the NSCN website. Your feedback will help inform future revisions of this module. Your response is anonymous.

You are an:
What was the online education video you accessed?
Why did you access the online education video?
Please rate your satisfaction of the online education video.
This online education video will help me to continue to provide:
(please check all that apply)
Based on this online education video, would you access an NSCN e-learning video in the future?
After reviewing the online education video, do you have outstanding questions or concerns related to the topic?

Note: NSCN can provide information and guidance related to the regulation of nursing practice. Questions about compensation, legal questions, practice premiums and education not related to initial entry to practice should be directed to your employer or union. 

If yes, once you submit the survey you will be provided with an email address to the Practice team who can assist you with your question or concern.