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Decisions and Outcomes

Decision Outcomes:
January 10, 2020

On January 10, 2020 the NSCN Complaints Committee ordered that Kelly Moore receive a reprimand for failing to use appropriate therapeutic language with a client during a September, 2018 incident pursuant to section 76 of the Nursing Act and with the consent of Ms. Moore. 


In September 2018, Ms. Moore was employed at a residential care facility for individuals with identified psychological, social and behavioural challenges. Ms. Moore’s communication with a client resulted in the client’s escalating behaviour to the point of striking Ms. Moore.  As the client was being restrained on the floor by other staff, Ms. Moore yelled inappropriate statements at the client.  


The Complaints Committee determined that it is unacceptable for a nurse to address a client in the manner Ms. Moore did. The committee was concerned that Ms. Moore’s conduct did not demonstrate respect for the client’s needs or perspective and that she did not seem to recognize that she held the power in the situation as the person from whom the client was seeking assistance.  

The Complaints Committee concluded that, in this circumstance, a reprimand was the appropriate outcome in this matter. In reaching this conclusion, the committee considered several factors, including the seriousness of the conduct, Ms. Moore’s lack of apparent insight into the potential harms to the client, the fact that it was an isolated incident as well as Ms. Moore’s lack of a prior disciplinary history with the legacy CLPNNS or NSCN. 
On January 22, 2020, Ms. Moore consented to the reprimand.