Registration and Licensure Details

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Registration Number:
Given Name(s):
Last Name(s):
Licensed Practical Nurses
Category of Licence:
Not Licenced
Essential Information:
Please contact Kimberley Pochini, Professional Conduct Services (902) 377-5107 with any questions regarding Ms. Hatt.

Decisions and Outcomes

Decision Outcomes:
Condition or restriction
December 08, 2019

The NSCN Complaints Committee decided under the authority of Section 81 of the Nursing Act to impose conditions and restrictions on Meaghan Hatt’s licence on an interim basis, including the following:

  • Ms. Hatt is restricted from any activity that involves any and all medications (i.e. preparing, administering, co-signing and counting, discarding and wasting, handling narcotic keys); and
  • Ms. Hatt must advise NSCN’s Professional Conduct Services department of the names of her employers prior to commencing employment, and of any changes to her employment.

These interim conditions and restrictions remain in effect until they are lifted, superseded or annulled by the Complaints Committee or the Professional Conduct Committee, as the case may be.