Registration and Licensure Details

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Licensed Practical Nurses
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Not Licenced
Essential Information:
The NSCN Complaints Committee decided on an interim basis to suspend Dianne Doucette’s LPN license to practice and her ability to obtain an LPN license under the authority of Section 81 of the Nursing Act. This interim suspension remains in effect until it is lifted, superseded or annulled by the Complaints Committee or the Professional Conduct Committee, as the case may be.

Decisions and Outcomes

Decision Outcomes:
Condition or restriction, Reprimand
August 04, 2020

On August 4, 2020, the Complaints Committee issued a decision regarding a complaint filed against Dianne Doucette, LPN Registration 12756. The Committee ordered that Ms. Doucette receive a reprimand. The Committee ordered the reprimand pursuant to section 76(1)(e) of the Nursing Act and with Ms. Doucette’s consent.

The Complaints Committee also ordered conditions/restrictions, pursuant to section 76(1)(f) of the Act that, with Ms. Doucette’s consent:

a) For a period of two (2) years, if Ms. Doucette receives an offer to work as a nurse (including on a casual or temporary basis, as an employee or otherwise), Ms. Doucette will immediately notify a Professional Conduct Consultant at NSCN and provide the Professional Conduct Consultant with the name and contact information of her intended supervisor or manager, and a summary of the proposed position. Ms. Doucette will not commence work as a nurse until she receives written confirmation from NSCN that a copy of this summary of the decision has been provided to the prospective employer.

b) Ms. Doucette will arrange for another licensed practical nurse or a registered nurse (as approved by her employer) to act as a one-on-one preceptor to support and review her practice for a minimum of 120 hours, or such longer period of time as determined by her employer. Until the successful completion of this preceptored period, as determined by her employer, Ms. Doucette will not work independently as a licensed practical nurse in any setting. Ms. Doucette will arrange for her employer to provide confirmation in writing to NSCN Professional Conduct Services that she has successfully completed the preceptored period.

c) With the assistance of her employer Ms. Doucette will identify a mentor to assist in her transition back to practice in a new workplace. The mentor will meet with Ms. Doucette once monthly, or more frequently as deemed necessary by the employer or mentor for a period of one (1) year to discuss any issues which may be affecting Ms. Doucette’s practice. The mentor will provide NSCN with a brief summary of Ms. Doucette’s engagement in this process at six months and one year, in a form to be provided by NSCN.


In January 2019 Ms. Doucette was employed at a long term care facility. Ms. Doucette admitted that she changed the count for a narcotic on a facility record and failed to follow employer policies to report the discrepancy.

The Complaints Committee did not accept Ms. Doucette’s explanation of why she changed the count of narcotic vials on the Narcotic Count sheet. The Committee determined that if
proven, the information would support a finding that the vial in question went missing during a shift when Ms. Doucette was holding the medication keys and was responsible for medication administration on the unit. The Committee further concluded that Ms. Doucette’s conduct, if proven, constitutes breaches of the Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics for Licensed Practical Nurses, and that these breaches would reasonably be regarded as professional misconduct.

The Complaints Committee concluded that in all of the circumstances, a reprimand and the conditions/restrictions noted above were the appropriate outcomes.

On August 5, 2020, Ms. Doucette consented to the reprimand and conditions.