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Licensed Practical Nurses
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Not Licenced

Decisions and Outcomes

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Other, Reprimand
September 09, 2016

Murray Russell 
Bedford, Nova Scotia 
CLPNNS Registration #11248 

On September 9th 2016, the Complaints Committee of the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Nova Scotia (CLPNNS/College) issued a Consent Reprimand with a Voluntary Resignation to Murray Russell LPN #11248, for professional misconduct and/or conduct unbecoming the profession. On October 14th 2016, Mr. Russell consented to the Reprimand with a Voluntary Resignation. 
The Complaints Committee issued a “Consent Reprimand with a Voluntary Resignation” in accordance with the LPN Regulations (2009) under Section 35(3)(d)(g) for the following reasons. Mr. Russell: 

  • Failed to demonstrate an awareness of the serious nature of the incidents and the potential harm to the patient; 
  • Failed to meet the Standards of Practice expected of a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) in Nova Scotia; and 
  • Lacked insight into how the situations could have been managed differently.  

The Complaints Committee decision further provides that Mr. Russell will not engage in the practice of nursing and will not apply for any nursing license in this or any other Canadian jurisdiction. As well, the Committee directs that if Mr. Russell applies to any nursing jurisdiction for licensure both the interim decision and final decision will be made available to the regulatory body.