Share NP Expertise on National Work

nurse practitioner with patient
July 11, 2019

One way to get involved in the nursing profession this fall is to share your NP knowledge and expertise to help inform the Canadian Nurse Practitioner Exam: Family/All Ages (CNPE: F/AA).

We are looking for Family/All Ages NPs in Nova Scotia to put their name forward as an exam item writer and reviewer for the 2019 CNPE: F/AA exam development sessions. If selected, the sessions will be held in Ottawa on the following dates:

  1. Item Writing: a 3-day session to be held 30 September-2 October.
  2. Item Revision: a 3-day session to be held 4-6 December.

The exam administrator Yardstick Assessment Strategies facilitates these sessions as well as pays for travel and accommodation expenses for volunteers.

NPs in Nova Scotia who show interest and meet the criteria will be nominated to participate in this process and a final list of national candidates will be selected based on jurisdictional representation, areas of responsibility, preferred working language and availability.

If you are interested in being a part of the exam process or have any questions, email Paula Prendergast, Director of Registration Services and Education Approval, at by July 26. For more information, read the Terms of Reference for this work.

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