Expedited Licensing Process for Nurses Licensed in Designated Jurisdictions

NSCN has implemented a new ‘first in Canada’ approach to registration and licensure that will establish a fast and predictable pathway to licensure in Nova Scotia. 

Registered nurses who demonstrate good standing and good character and are currently licensed in the Philippines, India, Nigeria, USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand or a Canadian Province or Territory are eligible for registration and licensure in Nova Scotia immediately with no additional requirements other than passing the registration exam, if not already done so.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Have current licensure in good standing as a registered nurse with one of the designated jurisdictions listed above.
    • Current licensure means you hold a practising licence that entitles you to practice as a registered nurse. If you are not currently licensed in one of the seven designated countries, you are not eligible for this process.
    • Good standing means you are not subject to any outstanding complaints with your current regulator; and there are no prohibitions, conditions, agreements or restrictions on your licence or registration with your current regulator that would prevent registration with NSCN.

Application Process

  1. When the application process opens, you will log in to your profile on our portal and select the application called: RN Applicants (Expedited Countries).
  2. Submit two pieces of identification showing your legal name. If your name has changed, you may be required to submit a name change document such as a marriage certificate. Notarization of these documents is not required. Identification options include: birth certificate, passport, nexus card, driver’s license, Canadian government-issued ID, citizenship card (Canadian or International), etc.
  3. We will need to determine that you hold a current licence that entitles you to practice as an RN  in one of the seven identified countries and that your licence there is in good standing. There are two ways in which we can do this:
    1. By reviewing a  Verification of Registration form that was sent directly to us from your regulatory body. Note: if you arranged for a verification form to be sent to the NNAS, you can either “port” your NNAS Advisory Report to NSCN or contact NNAS and ask if they will forward a certified true copy of this document to NSCN
    2. We can check the online search tool available on the website for the regulatory body. Currently, of the seven countries identified for this expedited pathway that also have all of the information to determine your licence is in good standing are: the USA, the UK, Australia and New Zealand.
  4. Submit an original copy of the required Criminal Record Check (CRC). For more information about this requirement, please visit here
  5. Pay the application fee. You must pay the fee in order for NSCN to make a licensing decision.

All applicants must successfully take the NCLEX-RN (if not already done so), however, they may also be eligible to enter practice with conditional licence (CL) while attempting the exam.

Our registration team will review your application documents to make sure we have all the information we need. If something is missing, we will let you know so you can provide it. Incomplete applications will cause delays in processing. Your application will be processed, and our team will be in touch within five days once all documents have been received.


If you are applying for the new licensure process for international nurses designated in seven countries, the assessment fee is $50.00 + HST, for a total of $57.50. You must pay the fee in order for NSCN to make a licensing decision. Learn more about fees here.

More Information

Read our frequently asked questions for more information on the application process, registration and licensure requirements, entrance exam information, and more.

Have Questions?

Please read our frequently asked questions or view our special newsletters above for more information. If you have any inquiries that are unanswered in the information, please contact our Registration Services team at registration@nscn.ca. They will respond as soon as possible. Please note, due to a high volume of those interested, you may experience delays with our registrant portal and our response time may vary.